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With payments from just £3.90 a month, over 50s life insurance could provide your loved ones with a cash sum to help with funeral costs. With no medical questions, your acceptance is guaranteed.

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Your guide to Funeral Insurance

Over 50 life insurance is often referred to as funeral insurance, however it is not a prepaid funeral plan. Upon your death it will pay out a cash sum that can be used to help your family pay for your funeral, pay off bills and loans or as a gift. It's frequently associated with providing help with funeral costs, as acceptance is guaranteed to those between the ages of 50 and 85 and cover starts from just £3.90 a month.

There are a handful of companies that offer over 50s life cover, you may have seen TV adverts with big names such as Julie Walters for LV and Michael Parkinson for Sun Life. Aviva, British Seniors, Legal & General & Royal London are among others that also offer these plans.

We hope that you will find our over 50 life insurance guide helpful in choosing the right plan that meets your needs. Buying a plan is straight forward, you can either call the life insurance company direct or you can apply online.

Why choose an Over 50 Life Insurance Plan?

If you are looking to help pay your funeral costs and find that after you have made a funeral plans comparison they are more than you wanted to pay, then a funeral insurance plan maybe worth considering.

The cash sum payable may not cover the full costs of your funeral but it could go some way towards removing the financial burden from your loved ones. 

You may of course be just looking to leave a nest egg for someone to remember you by or perhaps help out with the bills.

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Funeral Benefit Option

sun life over 50 plan If you are planning to use your Over 50s life insurance plan to help with your funeral costs then the Funeral Benefit Option could be worth considering: in return for your cash sum being paid directly to the funeral plan provider, depending on the provider this is usually a cash sum of £250 to £300 or 10% of the cash sum payable upon death.

When you receive your quote you will be asked whether you would like this added to your plan. 

Over 50 life insurance with free gift 

over 50 life insurance with free gift

Some over 50 life insurance plans offer a free welcome gift as a thank you for buying the plan through that company. 

These range from around £30 to £75. The free gift will be sent you once you have made at least one payment, sometimes 3 payments.


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Most popular asked over 50 life insurance questions & answers

Yes, your acceptance is guaranteed regardless of your health or lifestyle; there are no questions on the application relating to this.