Golden Leaves funeral plan review

golden leaves funeral plansGolden Leaves funeral plans offer the widest choice of prepaid plans. In addition to their traditional plans, they also offer a range of green funeral plans and international funeral plans for expats living in Europe.

Market insight: Golden Leaves Silver, Gold and Platinum plans guarantee the funeral director’s costs and the cremation fees and ministers fees. Plans are competitively priced and include monthly payments with immediate cover – something no other plan provider offers.


  • Golden Leaves is registered and regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA)
  • Guarantees cremation and minister’s fees on the Silver, Gold and Platinum plans
  • Includes an allowance for burial fees if you oprefer this type of funeral
  • Monthly payment plans include immediate cover - unique to Golden Leaves
  • Funeral plans can be put in joint names at no extra cost
  • Offer international funeral plans if you are moving abroad
  • Fixed monthly payment option comes with Overpayment Rebate Feature 
  • National coverage using local Dignity, Coop and independent funeral directors


  • Cancellation fee of 20% of money paid
  • Doctor’s fees not included if required

Golden Leaves Funeral Plan review - details

Features Copper Bronze Zinc Silver Gold Platinum
Funeral Director's professional services tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon
Advice on funeral registration, documentation & certification tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon
Removal from the place of death to funeral Director's premises within 25 miles in normal working hours 24 hours tick icon tick icon tick icon 24 hours 24 hours
Care of deceased prior to funeral tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon
Chapel of Rest available for family & friends to visit   tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon
Customer has no choice over the date & time of the funeral tick icon   tick icon      
Type of coffin Basic Basic Basic Basic Standard High quality
Attendance of conductor & four pallbearers on day of funeral   tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon
Provision of hearse for service at Crematorium / Cemetery   tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon
Provision of limousine(s)         One Two
Full listing of floral tributes         tick icon tick icon
Thank you cards   tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon
Bereavement counselling (where available) tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon tick icon
Guaranteed Cremation and doctors fees* tick icon          
Guaranteed Cremation & minister fees*       tick icon tick icon tick icon
Allowance towards Disbursements**     tick icon      
Return of Ashes via Private Driver(Monday to Friday) tick icon          
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Payment options


You can pay for a Golden Leaves funeral plans in a number of ways:

In Full / over 12 months – This payment option is the cheapest way to buy a funeral plan. When spreading your payments over 12 months you won’t incur any additional fees but you need to pay a £49 minimum deposit up front.

Monthly Instalments – Golden Leaves are the only prepaid funeral planning company to offer monthly funeral plans with immediate cover. You simply choose a payment option you are comfortable with, pay a deposit of £49 and you are covered for your services immediately. So if you choose an 8 year plan but die after 2 months, your services would be fully provided with no charge to your family.

Fixed Monthly Payment Plan – Available to anyone between the ages of 50 and 75. You pay a fixed amount per month based on your age and the level of service you require. You are covered for your funeral services after just one year, which is sooner than other funeral plan providers who offer this payment type but you need to pay your premiums either for life or until the anniversary date of your plan prior to your 90th birthday.

The fixed monthly payment option also has a rebate guarantee that entitles you to money back in the event you pay more into the plan than the cost of the funeral.

How secure are Golden Leaves funeral plans?

Golden Leaves is registered with and regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority so therefore has to comply with their strict rules and code of conduct on the service you receive and most importantly how the money is held.

For all payment options apart from the fixed monthly payment plan, your money is paid into the Golden Leaves Trust which is a completely separate legal entity to Golden Leaves, so if anything happened your money would be protected.

With the fixed monthly payment option, your money is paid into a life insurance plan which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Golden Leaves company - review

Golden Leaves was launched in 1984 and now offers its funeral plans both nationally and internationally. In addition to their international funeral plan serving expats living in Spain, Portugal or Cyprus, Golden Leaves also offer a Green Funeral Plan for those looking for an eco friendly funeral service.

Our Golden Leaves funeral plan review verdict

The Golden Leaves Silver, Gold and Platinum plans don’t just guarantee the funeral director’s costs, they also fully guarantee the cremation fees and minister’s fees too. In addition, they work with Dignity, Co op and independent funeral directors, so can offer a local service throughout the country. 

The Golden Leaves monthly payment options are completely unique as they provide immediate cover. No other company in the UK offers this service, so Golden Leaves is worth considering if you prefer to spread the cost of your plan.

Plus, the fixed monthly payment option comes with a rebate guarantee, again a service that is unique to Golden Leaves.

Our offer

We have partnered with Golden Leaves as they guarantee to fix ALL funeral costs listed in the Silver, Gold and Platinum funeral plans, including the funeral director's services, cremation and minister’s fees. So, your family will have nothing more to pay for these services when the time comes.

And Golden Leaves are the only company to offer monthly instalments with immediate cover. So you can choose a plan you can afford, comfortable in the knowledge that your funeral plans are in place.

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