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Prepaid funeral plans can vary both in cost and the funeral services provided. Therefore, it’s useful to compare funeral plans carefully to help you decide which may be the best funeral plan for you.

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How to compare funeral plans

The cheapest funeral plans may not necessarily offer the best value for money if the funeral services included are not guaranteed. To find the best plan for you, it helps to compare funeral plans, so you can be aware of the price, how the funeral plan works and what is and isn’t included.

Our funeral plan comparisons will help you understand which funeral plans are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority, which guarantee the services included and which do not. While our funeral plan reviews provide more information on the plan providers themselves.

You can also compare funeral plan Defaqto ratings. Defaqto is the independent researcher of financial products in the UK.

What are the best funeral plans?

Finding the best funeral plan will depend on your budget and the type of service you are looking for. To help you review the best funeral plans from leading UK providers, the following lists of the top 10 funeral providers are grouped by service, price and guarantees.

Top 10 funeral plans compared

The top 10 funeral plans provide a nationwide service and are registered and regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority. As regulated companies, these funeral plan providers have had to prove they comply with the FPA's rules on how your money is held securely and the service you receive.

  • Dignity (£3,095 - £4,195)
  • Coop Funeralcare (£3,095 - £4,295)
  • Golden Leaves (£3,089 - £4,199)
  • Golden Charter (£2,895 - £4,099)
  • Avalon (£3,645 - £4,245)
  • Age Co (£3,070 - £4,170)
  • Open Prepaid Funerals £2,995 - £4,100)
  • Perfect Choice (not listed)
  • Choice Funeral Plans (£3,395 - £3,820)

Range of prices included where available

Guaranteed vs contribution funeral plans comparison

Guaranteed funeral plans fully guarantee the costs of all services included in the plan at today’s prices, whereas contribution plans only include an allowance for some third party fees which could leave your family with more to pay.

Guaranteed funeral plan providers

Contribution plan providers

Compare funeral plans

As there are an increasing number of funeral plan comparison websites, when comparing plans it helps to ensure you are comparing like for like and that the provider is FPA registered.

Remember, not all plans are the same.

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Life insurance with funeral cover - another option

Over 50 life insurance can provide a more basic alternative to a funeral plan, particularly if budget is an issue. This simple whole of life insurance enables you to leave some money behind for loved ones to put towards your funeral costs if they choose to. Designed specifically for those aged 50 or over, you’re guaranteed to be accepted with no need for a medical, and premiums start from a few pounds a month.

If you want to be sure your over 50 plan will help with funeral costs, many over 50 life insurance plans offer a funeral benefit option.  By choosing this you agree to have your cash sum paid directly to a reputable funeral director, such as Dignity who will deduct it from the final bill for their services.

Taking up this option doesn’t cost you a penny more and as a thank you, the funeral director will usually contribute around £250 towards the final funeral bill.

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