Death and funerals are not everyone's favourite topic of conversation

Death and funerals are not everyone's favourite topic of conversation main image

Recent research should make us all want to sort out our own funeral arrangements and not leave our families in the hands of funeral directors; don't get me wrong I have nothing against funeral directors, as I think they do a great job.  

The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) published results of their survey indicating that of people surveyed who had arranged a funeral, the cost of the funeral only featured as the 7th most important consideration with the reputation of the funeral director the most important. 

And yet 63% of people expect to be able to check or compare prices before selecting a funeral director, which seems to contradict the above findings? Generally speaking I do find it concerning that rarely do funeral director's publish their prices openly online.  

In this day and age when information is free and easy to access online, why do funeral director's make it so difficult?  

Traditionally of course losing a loved one would mean visiting the local funeral director to give them a good send off. But today you can pre-pay for your funeral with a prepaid funeral plan or for those on a tighter budget the over 50 life insurance plan will provide a cash sum that can be used to help with funeral costs. 

Prepaid funeral plans allow you to detail all your wishes so you can be sure that you will receive the funeral you want and you can also nominate a local funeral director if you wish.  

At the time of losing a family member you are unlikely to shop around your local funeral directors, you are more likely to use one that was recommended to you or you have previous experience of, but how do you know you are getting a good deal?

I have never seen any research that says that your local funeral director will do a poor job, with most funeral directors scoring very highly in surveys for excellent customer service. 

So what about funeral costs? 

Most us will go to a price comparison site to get the best car insurance or life insurance deal, so why don't we do this when it comes to arranging a funeral?  

The answer is that most of us leave it too late, by that I mean if we have made no provision for our own funeral then we are putting the emotional burden on our families; which seems very harsh when you consider that most of us plan for all the other major events in our lives. 

Things are changing!  

There are new websites that will now make life a little easier Funeral Booker is one of them offering a postcode search to find and compare funeral directors in your area. It's early days but once they have a critical mass of funeral directors signed up this could be a service worth using. 

Better still!  

Whilst a lot of people can't bring themselves to talk about their own death let alone pre-arrange their funeral, for an increasing number they are finding arranging their own funeral very therapeutic.  

Comparing funeral costs when the time comes for the loss of a loved one is certainly better than choosing the first funeral director in your high street. But better still has to be to arrange your own funeral saving your family the emotional turmoil of wondering what your wishes were and all the costs associated with it, and better still you can freeze your funeral costs at today's prices. 

There are an increasing number of funeral plans comparison sites available, in fact we have a specialist section on our website where you can compare plans and costs with free advice from our friendly team.  

Arranging your own funeral in your 50's, 60's 70's or 80's has to be better than leaving it to someone else to arrange, usually the ones we love most. 

3 good reasons why you should arrange your own funeral 

  1. Save your loved ones the emotional heartache of arranging your funeral 
  2. Save you and them money by freezing your costs at today's prices 
  3. Search and compare funeral prices from the comfort of your own home

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