Safe Hands Funeral Plans Review

  • Plans are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority
  • Includes one of the widest range of funeral plans
  • Offers the ability to spread payments over two years at no extra cost

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Safe Hands Review - Key Points

 Works in partnership with a national network of National Federation of Funeral Directors approved firms

Offer 5 different levels of service

Include a Direct Cremation plan for those not wanting a funeral service

Only plan provider to offer payments over 24 months at no extra charge

Contribution to third party costs on 3 of the 6 plans is higher at £1,200

Plans available to anyone over the age of 18

The plan is only placed with the funeral director at the time of need so you don’t know who or where they are

Instalments include a deposit of £250

The literature states that the company has the right to change the terms and conditions of the plan from time to time

Safe Hands Funeral Plan Review - Details

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Plus Safe Hands Direct Cremation Plan £1,795 – This is a direct cremation that has no service or family present. The deceased is taken directly to the crematorium in a van with no one in attendance for cremation. The Funeral director is selected by Safehands.

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Safe Hands Funeral Plan Review - Payment Options

You can pay for a Safehands funeral plan by the following methods of payment: 

In Full / over 24 months – In addition to paying in full, Safehands is the only funeral plan provider that lets you spread the cost of the funeral plan over 24 months at no extra charge 

Instalments – If you prefer to spread your costs over a longer period, then instalment options are available over 3, 5 and 10 years with a deposit of £250


Payment Options

Topaz Plan

Pearl Plan

Sapphire Plan

Ruby Plan
Normal Price
Monthly Payment Options
12 Monthly Payments
5 Year payment period
10 Year payment period

Please note that monthly payments are calculated after you have paid a £250 deposit

How secure is the Safe Hands Plan  

When buying a Safehands plan your money is invested in a trust fund which is completely independent to the company.

So if anything happened to Safehands, because the trust fund is not an asset of the company, plan holders investments remain secure and ring-fenced.

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Safe Hands Company - Review

Safehands offer their plans through a range of distribution channels and work in partnership with a comparatively new and small network of National Federation of Funeral Directors (NFFD) approved firms.

They registered with the Funeral Planning Authority in July 2019.

Our Verdict

We are pleased to see that Safe Hands is now registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).

They are endorsed by the National Federation of Funeral Directors but this is a trade body more concerned with Funeral Directors as opposed to funeral plan providers.

In addition Safe Hands Funeral plans are not placed with the funeral director until the time of need, which could be concerning for those wanting reassurance about who will be carrying out their funeral service when the time comes. With most plan providers the details of the funeral director are included in your application whereas with Safe Hands, the details won’t be confirmed until the time of need so you won’t know who or where the funeral director will be.

Finally throughout the terms and conditions there is referral to ‘these terms’ but at the end of the document it states that the company reserves the right to amend ‘these terms’ from time to time which may suggest that the terms of the contract can be changed retrospectively.

Our Recommendation

We recommend the Dignity Plan as they guarantee to fix ALL funeral costs listed in the plan which includes the funeral director's services and the cremation & ministers fees, so you can be sure that your family will have nothing more to pay.

You will never have to worry about rising funeral costs as they are guaranteed at the price you pay today - giving you peace of mind that everything is taken care of and when the time comes your family will only have to make one phone call.

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