Coop Funeral Plans Review

  • Coop Funeralcare are the largest funeral director in the UK
  • Both Cremation and Burial plans are fully guaranteed
  • Funeral Plans start from £2,995

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Market insight: Coop Funeralcare is a leading provider of funeral plans. However the cheapest plan on the market as at 27/08/19 is provided by Dignity, who are £300 cheaper.

Co op Funeral Plans Review - Key Points

 Registered and regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA)

Route to funeral service can be chosen by the family on 3 of the 4 plans

Offer 4 different levels of service

Both Cremation and Burial services are fully guaranteed (Burial plans do not include a burial plot)

The Co op funeral plan is available to anyone over the age of 18

Plans can be placed in joint names at no extra cost

Lack of flexibility with set prepaid funeral plans that cannot be changed or added to

 You have to use a Coop funeral director


Co op Funeral Plan Review - Details

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Compare Quotes - Dignity are currently up to £300 cheaper

Co op Funeral Plan Review - Payment Options

You can pay for the Co operative Funeral Plan a number of ways; here is a summary of the options with prices shown in the table below. 

In Full / over 6 or 12 months – As with most plan providers this is the cheapest option – you can pay in full or over 6 or 12 months and you won’t incur any additional fees. 

Monthly Instalments – between 1 and 25 years dependent on age with no deposit. Payments must be complete by the maximum age of 80.  

The Coop Commitment ensures that if you were to die after the initial 12 months but before you have completed your instalment payments, your funeral services would be provided and your family will not be charged the outstanding balance.

Payment Options

Simple Plan

Bronze Plan

Silver Plan

Gold Plan
Normal Price
Monthly Payment Options
12 Monthly Payments
5 Year payment period
10 Year payment period
20 Year payment period


How secure is the Co operative Plan  

Co op Funeralcare is registered and regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority so therefore has to comply with their strict rules and code of conduct on the service you receive and most importantly how the money is held. 

When paying in full or by monthly instalments, your money is invested in a whole of life insurance policy that is managed by a reputable financial institution; authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  

If paying by Fixed Monthly Payments, your money is invested in a whole of life insurance policy with AXA Wealth, which again is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

coop funeral plans review

Co op Funeralcare - Company Review

Co operative Funeralcare is the largest Funeral Director in the UK with over 1,000 funeral homes throughout the country.

In addition to banking and food, the Co op has been offering its funeral services for over 80 years.


coop Funeral Plans - Our Verdict 

The feature that makes Co op funeral plans stand out is that it is one of only two companies that guarantee cremation fees and the only company to guarantee burial costs.  The plans therefore are very straightforward.

In addition they come with a wealth of expertise in the funeral industry however there has been some bad press over the years.

The main points worth considering are that once you have bought a set plan, you cannot add to it or change it. You can upgrade it however this would be at the prices payable at that time. Also you have to use a Co-op Funeral Director and if you choose burial, you would need to purchase the burial plot as this is not part of the guarantee.  

Finally Co-op Funeralcare is the only company that will provide your funeral services and not charge the balance if you were to die before completing your instalment payments, just so long as you have been paying into the plan for 12 months; so if you are thinking of an instalment plan, the Coop funeral plan may be worth considering.  

An increase in Coop prices means that currently Dignity are up to £300 cheaper than the Coop - see our compare plans section for more information


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